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Given Name: Asa Jay Laughton

Name Orgins: Biblical and family.  Asa was the name of a King, who can be first found in 1Kings 15:8, and thereafter in 1 Kings many times.  The next occurance is in 1 Chronincles 3:10, then again in 2 Chronicles 14:1.  The name Asa appears quite frequently in 2 Chronicles.  The last three occurrances are in Jeremia 41:9, Mathew 1:7 and 1:8.  Additionally, I had a great grandfather with a middle name of Asa, so the family found it to be a very good name.

Sex: Male

Place of Birth Kittery, Maine.  I was actually born at Portsmouth Navel Shipyard, which is sort of a misnomer because the shipyard is actually attached to Kittery and not Portsmouth which is on the other side of the river outpouring to the sea.  I've been fishing there and caught many flounder, starfish, a squid, a dogfish (brightly colored fellow and I swear it growled at me) and dock pilings.  It was a lot of fun living there.

Current location: I currently reside in Spokane, Washington.  It's nice here in the Pacific Northwest, though many do complain the summers aren't long enough and the temperatures are too cold.  Realisticly, it is colder here the majority of the year, with usually a short very hot summer.

Interests: I'm currently married, with one son. I enjoy my two classic cars, a 1971 Mach I Mustang, and a 1973 Pantera L, when I get the chance. I'm also into helping people with their computers. I work with both Windows and Linux and I enjoy some computer games like Descent, Myst, etc. I've been a big Star Wars fan for a long time and have quite a few more rare collectibles from the early movies.

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