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My Pantera Purchasing Experience


Here is the section you really need to read. Since the Pantera experience is a shared one, this section leads you to other sites as well as this one, where you can find many things to help you understand, learn, and enjoy this marvelous machine.

Start with this FAQ, put together by Shane Ingate. While you are there, visit his pages, voted the Best DeTomaso site.
The Pantera Place
Mike Dailey's Pantera Site, probably the fastest growing site for everything you need to know about the Pantera. This is definately A MUST SEE Site.
Kirby Schrader.
Ted Mitchell.
Jason Eaton
351C Intake Manifold Information.

View the latest CrossRam manifold for the 351 Cleveland
click on smaller image to view really big detailed photo, contact info is listed below

click for larger images
Mike Fielder
fielders at net2000.com.au
Australian Muscle Parts
Australian phone number - 011-613-59402337
California Distribution phone number - 562-428-9764
Active manifolds+components
363 Victoria Road
Rydalmere NSW 2116
ph [02]98980788







DeTomaso Pantera Chat Room
Pantera Campagnolo Identification
Italian to English Dictionary
My Pantera Brake Project
Richard Barkley's Excel based parts list


Team Pantera Racing This is the place to go to learn about how the Pantera has made a terrific comeback to the road-race arena. Spearheaded by the Current POCA President, Dennis (aka Mad Dog) Antenucci
Race Prepping a Pantera by Nathan Giles.
Pantera Technical Information From the Detomaso Email forum


Pantera Parts Connection
300 Edison Way
Reno NV 89502
Precision ProFormance
320 N. Palm, Unit B
Brea, CA 92821
Pantera East
7165 30th Avenue North
St. Petersburg, FL 33710
PI Motorsports
1040 North Batavia, Suite G
Orange, CA 92867
HALL Pantera
15337 Garfield Avenue
Paramount, CA 90723
Pantera Performance Center
1856 N. Park St.
Castle Rock, CO 80104


Pantera International This organization is the only factory authorized organization of its kind. PI supports it's members with a quarterly newsletter boasting over 50 pages in a typical issue. Each issue contains quality photographs of Panteras, Mangustas and many other DeTomaso automobiles. In addition, it contains articles on events from all over the world as well as information on collectibles, points of view, etc. A quality publication no Pantera owner should be without PI also slips in a classifed section containing many cars and parts for sale. PI also carries cars for sale themselves, consigns cars for sale and provides an exceptional parts service. Dave and Linda Adler, who organize PI also put many efforts into Concours showing and Vintage Racing. Visit their site and see what it's all about.

POCA. The Pantera Owners Club of America is the premier club for Pantera Owners. This club is made up of several smaller "Chapter" clubs and individual members from all over the world. Each year, a Fun Rally is held in Las Vegas Nevada, celebrating the DeTomaso marquee and providing a forum for friends to get together and share experiences. Through the charter clubs, many events are scheduled throughout the year such as racing, car shows, tech sessions etc. POCA publishes a monthy newsletter in black and white, outlining upcoming events, general news and classifieds containing cars for sale as well as good quality parts for sale. A quarterly publication, POCA Profiles, is another quality color magazine boasting over 50 pages of quality photos, how-to articles and general information.

Membership in both of these organizations is highly recommended and could definately benefit you and your DeTomaso automobile.

DeTomaso Email Forum. Be a part of the DeTomaso spirit online. Follow this link to get signed up and start exchanging information with other Pantera/Mangusta enthusiasts. This is THE place to be in cyberspace.

Pantera Club of Northern California This is the northern california chapter of POCA. Probably one of the most active chapter clubs on the West coast. This page is worth a visit.

Pantera Owners Club of Arizona

Eastern Pantera Association

SoCal Panteras

Other POCA Chapter Clubs

The TOP 10 Reasons to Own a Pantera
by Barry Harward

The DeTomaso Registry
(Authorized by POCA)
Includes all models of the Pantera, Mangusta, Vallelunga, Longchamp & Deauville. 256 pages includes illustrations and a history of each DeTomaso model. Includes production figures & running production changes where known, with history on the remaining cars. Every DeTomaso enthusiast should have a copy of this book!
$21.00 postpaid US ($25.00 postpaid European)
Bill van Ess
2306 Post Dr N.E.
Belmont, MI 49306

Animation compliments of Kirby Schrader

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