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Blindness by Moonlight
Castle Walls
Cubed Confusion
The Frontier of Dementia
First Great Crush
The Fondness of Summer
Freedom From Within
Heart and Soul
Lest We Wait
My Memory
Night Mare by Moonlight
No Flowers
The Pain of Separation
Peace Within the Palace
Phantom of My Nights
Shadow of Romance
Sleep Well Sweet Heart
Summer Devotion
Tender Attention
Waiting Moon
What Past?
Wine for Two

Sometime in seventh grade, I started doing creative writing for school. I'm sure it started as part of the curriculum, but it eventually evolved into a non-professional hobby for me. Much of my writing was created between 10 and 25 years ago. The past 10 or so years have seen almost no writing, if any. Occassionally, I go back and read things I wrote long ago, and modify them, other times I just read them to evoke the memories.

Collected on the left, you will find the things I have written and felt worthy to publish online. Please feel free to read them. Remember they are all copyright Asa Jay Laughton, and may not be reproduced without the express permission of the author.

Eventually, I may add a short synopsis to each work, outlining motivations, feelings and inpirations.

If you would like to discuss possible publication of any or all of these works, please contact me.

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