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The Top 10 Reasons to Own a Pantera
by Barry Harward, a member of The DeTomaso Email Forum

1> Friendship machine - you meet a lot of people just because of driving this car. People from car nuts (big block mid-year vette /460 monster truck / cobra / other Panteras owners etc) to beautiful women wanting to go on far away trips (well, not that often). Most conversations start with "what kind of car is that". Younger kids say the car is "phat" and think it costs over $100,000. When I tell them what Panteras can be had for they don't believe it and insist "I'm gonna get one of these". It's fun to go out and meet people you'd never meet otherwise. I've been chased down several times in 8 months. Conversations often end with my girlfriend prying me away "let's go".

2> Ford engine - 351C, practical and unique - only combination exotic car / hot rod in the world - however much horsepower you want - parts are readily available and affordable - transmission is already there to handle the power

3> Sound - that 351C with short pipes is a musical instrument at speed and the lopey-popping idle gets adrenaline pumping - the sound creates excitement. I believe the Pantera can get away with being loud because of the way it looks.

4> Straight forward design - unlike modern sophisticated computerized cars, most systems on the Pantera (except the inside of the transaxle) can be serviced and improved by either the owner or a trusted competent and careful mechanic.

5> Looks - the car is a work of art

6> Handling - excellent as expected - car is low and wide with lots of rubber on the road

7> Ride - surprisingly smooth - not jarring as one might expect

8> Total driving experience - the faster you go the better the car feels -combination of power, handling, sound and ride is better than an amusement park ride.

9> Best support group going - Panteras owners are very close- knit, honest and willing to help each other. No other car group that I know of has this level of camaraderie. Visit The DeTomaso Email Forum

10> Investment - if you take good care of a Pantera you should be able to drive, enjoy and not see much depreciation - it might even go up in value.

Contributed by Barry Harward

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