351 Cleveland Rebuild

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The Bottom End:

In the beginning
The block comes back
Pistons and Rods
Windage Tray and Cam Timing
The Timing Set
The Eccentric Problem
First Solution to the Eccentric Problem
Final Solution to the Eccentric Problem
Oiling Part 1: Pump and pickup
Oiling Part 2: External Plumbing

The Top End:

The 4V Heads
Putting the Heads On the Block
Installing the Hydraulic Roller Conversion Kit

The Transmission:

The Case:


Darryl's Stang Stable

The Block and Bottom End:
The Final Eccentric Solution

There were originally a few different solutions to this problem of driving a fuel pump with the new Pete Jackson gear drive. As you recall, the new cam gear is flat and would not allow the stock two piece eccentric to be mounted and work properly. So the options were:

  1. Use the new Ford part number eccentric.
  2. Use the old eccentric, spaced out with a washer
  3. Use an electric Fuel pump

We've seen that the new Ford part number eccentric wouldn't really do what we wanted, and I really didn't want to plumb for an electric pump, so we went with the second solution.

The final solution we agreed upon. Here you can clearly see the tab on the backside of the inner eccentric piece. This tab fits into the cam pin alignment hole in the face of the cam gear. I would think it also helps keep the eceentric from rotating. You can also see here the two washers we used to space the inner piece away from the cam gear, allowing the outer piece to spin freely. The larger washer gives us an area compatible with the original ledge as evidenced by the light outline visible on the inner piece. The smaller washer takes up the excess space inside and fits the bolt much better.
The old eccentric mounted with the two washers. Here I have a dial indicator mounted to check the end play of the camshaft. Stock endplay is NOT observed here. Instead, the bearing kit comes with instrutions for a new specification for endplay. After a breif panic on my part after observing too much endplay, I remembered this little fact and the amount I was observing was in fat the proper amount for using the needle bearing thrust set.. Whew.
Here is a good shot of the whole assembly in place. The idler gears had to be machined slightly on the back of the spacer lugs in order to obtain the proper clearance inside the front cover. The gears were checked and re-checked for proper clearance until we got it just right.
We want to make darn sure this whole thing is going to be "timed" right when it's all done. With the recent problem at a PCNC tech session this year, I put the damper on and placed the timing pointer on the front of the block. We placed number one cylinder at TDC on compression. As this photo attests, the damper numbers are right on. Now I can put the front cover on with confidence.

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