351 Cleveland Rebuild

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The Bottom End:

In the beginning
The block comes back
Pistons and Rods
Windage Tray and Cam Timing
The Timing Set
The Eccentric Problem
First Solution to the Eccentric Problem
Final Solution to the Eccentric Problem
Oiling Part 1: Pump and pickup
Oiling Part 2: External Plumbing

The Top End:

The 4V Heads
Putting the Heads On the Block
Installing the Hydraulic Roller Conversion Kit

The Transmission:

The Case:


Darryl's Stang Stable

The Block and Bottom End:
Windage & Cam Timing

One of the things I wanted to do this time around, was to install modifications to help the oiling situation in the Cleveland engine. One of those was the installation of a Windage tray by MPG Head Service. MPG carries Port Plates, and a plethora of other parts including some hard to find items for the 351C engine family.

Here we see a shot of the bottom end again. The thing to notice is on the number 2 and 4 Main Cap, the regular main cap bolts have been replaced with new bolts included in theh MPG kit. These are torqued just like the originals and have an additional end stud for mounting the windage tray.
The Windage tray is placed over the new main studs. Before torquing the new nuts to the specified value, the tray must be positioned so its built in "scraper" is properly aligned. In this case, MPG spec'd 3/8 inch. Get the proper spacing, and the windage tray goes on.
I purchased a Degree Wheel from JoMar Performance Products. This is really a very nice wheel. Everything is clearly engraved on an oversize wheel. With each face degreed for a particular function, this helped a lot to make sure the Crane Cams camshaft was within spec.
Of course, this meant I had to buy a new dial indicator and flexible stand. Here, a pair of hydraulic lifters and alignment bar are installed and the dial indicator set up to review the intake lobe events. Everything on the Crane Cams cam card was checked in a matter of a couple hours. This is time well worth spent. We found in our case, the cam was "right on" with the card and needed no advancing or retarding.

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