351 Cleveland Rebuild

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The Bottom End:

In the beginning
The block comes back
Pistons and Rods
Windage Tray and Cam Timing
The Timing Set
The Eccentric Problem
First Solution to the Eccentric Problem
Final Solution to the Eccentric Problem
Oiling Part 1: Pump and pickup
Oiling Part 2: External Plumbing

The Top End:

The 4V Heads
Putting the Heads On the Block
Installing the Hydraulic Roller Conversion Kit

The Transmission:

The Case:


Darryl's Stang Stable

Asa Jay's 351C Rebuild


The Mach I on it's way to the Shop

Block Machine work performed by Evergreen Engine Exchange of Spokane, WA
351C 2-bolt Main bearing caps, D2AE-CA
4.00 inch bore, bored .030 over using Ford small block Torque Plate,
Hyperuetectic flat-top pistons, Sterling H555P
Hastings 139, .030 over Moly rings
Polished rods,
Reciprocating Assembly balanced by Rick Monahan of Spokane, WA
ACL Duraglide 780 Engine Bearings (5M1010P-10)
Oil Restrictor kit, installed by George Litton
Crane 529621, Hydraulic Roller Conversion cam
Crane 44306, Hydraulic Roller Tappets
Damper refinieshed by Damper Dudes

Pete Jackson "quiet" gear drive timing set,
Torrington bearing thrust assembly for camshaft, Summit Racing # G1796

Head machine work done by Cylinder Head Service of Spokane, WA
4V Quench chamber, non-machined rocker pedastals,
Manley stainless valves,
Hardened Exhuast seats installed,
Crane 99890-16, Triple Valve Springs
Crane 99962-16, Retainers
Crane 99094-1, Valve stem locks
Crane 52629-16, Pushrods
Crane 52655-16, Pushrod Guideplate Conversion Kit
Ford Motorsport M-6564-A460 Adjustable Roller Rockers,
MPG Port Plates, intake & exhaust (may not use both, yet to be determined)

Stock Ford 4V dual plane cast iron manifold,
Possible upgrade to Ford Power Parts 4145 in the future,
Carter AFB 635cfm 4V carburetor,
Possible upgrade to fuel injection in the future,
Stock fuel pump and vacuum accessories

Stock 1972 baffled oil pan with shrouded pickup,
Oil restrictor kit for better main oiling,
Oil modification for better distributor gear lubrication,
CM Accusump, electric valve 2-quart oil accumulator

Fel-Pro Perma-torque Blue head gaskets, 8347 PT-1
Fel-Pro Printo Seal intake gaskets,
Fel-Pro Felcobond valve cover gaskets, look ma, no cork,
Neoprene rear main seal,
all other gaskets standard

March peformance pulley set 1657, reduced alternator, increased water pump,
6-blade Flex Fan,
3-row radiator,
Hooker 6211 Super Competition 4V Headers
Ford Duraspark II ignition, look ma, no more points,
Crane 52971-1, Steel Distributor gear
Ford Mach I RAM AIR induction,
Calvert Racing Traction Bars 410120

C6 Transmission:
Stock Ford high stall converter and flexplate,
Ford Motorsport M-7398-C Wide Ratio Gear set,
Ford Motorsport M-7044-A Heavy Duty Clutch
Ford Motorsport M-7027-A famous "R" intermediate servo assembly,
Ford Motorsport M-1794-C6 tranny pan with integrated drain, look ma, no more mess,
Built to Police Interceptor specs

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