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The Block and Bottom End:
The First Eccentric Solution

With the help of the DeTomaso Email Forum, I was appraised of another Ford part number for a fuel pump eccentric.

This is the new Ford eccentric, part number C3AZ-6287-B. It's a very nice heavy duty piece that takes the place of a two piece. The sidewall is much thicker, the holes are in the same offset pattern, etc. But wait....
This shot of the backside shows... NO TAB. The original eccentric, inner piece has a tab that inserts to the cam alignment hole to help keep it from rotating. This new piece has no tab, so once it's tightened down, it could rotate, come loose and fall off. Not a good scenario.
The height of the new eccentric is quite a bit higher than the old, this could cause a collision with the front cover. I don't like that either.
The width is fine, in fact, due to the new beefy sidewall, I don't think there would be much of a worry about wear.

So my dilema is still the same. In order to get this eccentric to work, I will have to either weld a tab onto the eccentric, or replace the alignment pin in the cam with a longer one. I try to remove a pin from another bad cam I have lying around, it's virtually impossible, so I'm not going to mess with trying to pull the alignment pin from my perfectly good new cam. Scratch that, and scratch welding a tab in, that could distort the eccentric.

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