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Blindness by Moonlight

I've observed again, the full moon at night.
What a wondrous sight, that moon in the night.
It shines as if it were lit from inside,
that moon so bright, so full in the sky.

A heavenly body so full of life,
too long a gaze and the soul is awed.
A gorgeous sight, that moon at night,
too far to touch but a pleasure to behold.

What hold does the moon have on me,
to stare again, and again once more.
Have I gone mad, or have I been saved,
that moon of mine has a grip on me.

Its shape is firm, and perfectly curved,
much like a vision I've had in a dream.
A reminder of things I could have had,
so here I sit, and stare at the beam.

Into the depths of space and time,
that moon of mine has taken me far.
Down memory lane through emotional pain,
with joyous laughter and thoughts of hereafter.

Mad it may be I have become,
but continue to watch, I've yet begun.
No heavenly body will come as close,
to satisfy hearts, but never impose.

Years go by and things will change,
that light of moon will not rearrange.
Till dust we are and have become,
that moonlight will shine forever on.

Asa Jay

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