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Lest We Wait

The dreams of my past I have hoped to relate,
To bring a picture so vivid to life.

The coming of dawn shall see a new day,
For riding to you am I coming your way.

Timing has been a strong point of my history,
But this day shall see a new motive come forth.

My mind has been strayed and scattered to the wind,
With currents of air it shall find you this way.

Expect of me no longer the distance that keeps us apart,
Because time waits for no one, not woman nor man.

It is I you have feared would cause such a fuss,
To bring to your mind a memory as this,

Fear not my princess of years gone by,
For it is only me that is by your side.

And after all is said and done,
It is only me, my heart and soul,
That touches your hair,
In the air tonight.

Asa Jay

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