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First Great Crush

My words are lost, my thoughts grow thin
The emotions inside me, are they what they seem to be
Crying to be heard.

One so fair and lovely as you
Brings on whispers of freshness
Am I deceived? No.

The beauty is not within darkness
For I can see
And it is you for which
We are granted radiant sunshine.

My mind struggles back to what I once knew
My words are lost
How did I express my feelings long past?

With something of such loveliness
One that equals the majestic Unicorn
How do I feel?

I pray not nevermore
For I shall set ever forward
From where I've been

My words are lost, but I shall not fear
I am one with myself
I need not of any, but of the few.

With you I have many thoughts
Without, I am lost
Love is what I feel

To prove myself
I send my card
If at once you tear it
So to shall you tear my heart.

Forever more should I be from your mind
And you from mine
If returned to me is my broken heart.

Love you, I do
Just as I love my own life
And pray always will.

If my intentions should be lost
Reply to me with your words of wonder

Asa Jay

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