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Phantom of My Nights

So now this moment has my past come to pass,
With such a vision to fully materialize before my eyes.
A ghost this night shall it not be again for memories sake,
For a phantom past we would soon put to rest this night.

Long it has been that I have been running while concealing the thoughts,
Of the specter that followed me as if forever lost.
A shape, a movement, a subtle wisp of air, all passing like wind,
Down the corridors of my empty suppressive mind.

Through countries far from my home it would travel along,
To always be my nemesis no matter where I would roam.
No matter the speed nor direction the voyage would take,
The ghost of my past was incessantly tugging at my soul.

And now it had found a way to come forth from its hiding of years gone by,
To torment my essence from tip to toe, mind and soul.
The vision is clear although its purpose has yet to form
But alas for me it has brought forth the memories past restrained so long.

The visions now race past the eyes in my mind,
The love, the laughter, the longing,
Then pain,
No longer in darkness does this vision remain.

I can see now the perplexing of my past and that which caused my dismay,
So unquestionably forming before my soul is the answer.
Forgetting was not the key to a future when all it brought was misery,
In thoughts that would not let go I now know my pain

To remember the things of the past between souls
Is now the solution to peace of mind.
Bonding the memories of past with the revelations of today,
I shall now face the phantom that has troubled my heart.

In anguish I now ride to confront that ghost,
Whose presence has wrought fear in my recollections.
The thoughts must be quelled with softness of intent,
Or the ache will linger for life so very long.

Asa Jay

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