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The Fondness of Summer

Summer foliage blooms all around;
pastels of color begin to unfold precious lockets of beauty,
within their gathers, a soft, mesmerizing scent drifts upward,
catching a whisper of wind and floating away.

As the scents of summer begin to gain, fondness of heart turns to pain;
memories of summer long, long ago,
visions of heaven are numbered low.

Loveliness so grand, so delicate;
bees do well, to care where they tread,
not to harm or fracture the fabric of God.
But the bee does wonder, for plant and for kind,
to bring out inner beauty and to stay alive.

The bluebird flies to find a home, the robin sits, and waits, alone.
One will find safety and strength abroad,
the other will know solitude and security apart.

Yet the grass will grow green, and life will go on.

God has smiled upon the land, and the land has been blessed;
and so too have the mortals who tread Mother Earth.
Those who are here for but a moment in time,
a wink of any eye and we shall know our worth.

Tortoise your wisdom has seen its day;
the rabbit has won in other ways.
Past memories a blur, and fading fast,
a notion of you, but can it last.

A vision once gorgeous did grace this poor heart;
to bring sunshine and warmth,
and a soul to be searched.
Now gone forever, pray God, not so.

And the grass does grow green, and life does go on.

An expression of Love, of care for the land;
Mother Earth shall know the loss of one,
and sad she soon will become.
But life is not lost, as long as candles can glow,
so light one for me, and strong let us grow.

With a love like no other, an affection so strong,
the fondness grows powerful,
as summer comes on.

Asa Jay

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