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Freedom From Within

She has walked among thieves who would take her heart for their own purpose, without regard to her.
Along the cobbled streets where vendors lay in wait, she has strode among the throngs, yet always walked alone.
Within empty houses she has spent her time, cherishing the love of her children, yet it comes not from the keeper of the abode.
And as she grew, her heart felt cold from the loneliness holding her captive for so many years.
Without wishing harm to her home, she knew the steps she must take to free herself, and unleash the bonds.
To unbind the passions so long held back, she began her search for the one who held the key.

Today she walks among Princes who would take her heart and return theirs willingly.
Along marbled walks where Knights now gather, she strides among men and is never alone.
Within the bustle of Castles she now spends time sharing a love between children, her keeper and herself.
She now sees the grace of all the good things missed in her past.
No longer bound by promises past, she has freed herself to experience the fullness all life has to offer.
With everything new, she now discovers, she knows truly within her own heart she holds the key.

Asa Jay

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