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Castle Walls

The past years have been spent inside my castle walls.
The walls are made of granite stone,
Chiseled to perfection, set into place,
And locked forever in grand position.

Fine marbled hallways and polished floors,
Adorn the majestic interior.
Mere rocks of such beauty and strength,
Hold together the sanity of my mind.

Long has it been since I have left those walls.
Long since I have allowed another to come in.
The walls stand proud, the walls stand powerful,
And access to them, one wooden door waits alone.

Mahogany crafted from the hands of elves,
Inlaid with silver, and gold from the hills.
The chains forbid breakage, their links will not sway,
The metal unknown but to the elves of yesterday.

Around the perimeter, a moat waits quietly,
Sparkling with reflections of midsummer sun.
The water is clear and clean to the taste,
Danger of old is not anymore.

So here it stands, my castle of old.
It has been closed many years, so few I've told,
I wait in the hallways, the chambers alone,
For the one who can rescue me, to help call it home.

The days of the Princess may be gone with time past,
But resolve have I left, to wait on the day,
When the woman will show and ask for the key,
To unlock the castle gate, and give love, to long last.

Asa Jay

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