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Peace In The Palace

The chambers lay silent but are now filled with warmth,
Hallways of granite and marbled stone,
Reflect the warm touch of your presence there.

The drawbridge had lowered and the gate stood alone,
With a heart made of passion you asked for the key.

As the elves of old stirred in their mountain slumber,
Your affection awakened dreams of a past,
And smiles now beam from elfin faces with joy.

I stood in the tower hesitant, looking down on your grace,
Was she the one I have waited so long to embrace,
With key in hand I trembled and shook.

My armor stood waiting, in a corner alone,
Long since it had been used to ward off the dragons,
Short now it may be that it should be used.

My heart reeled with confusion and thoughts that strayed,
For courage I'd lost in younger days.

Now here was a maiden so fair of pretense,
I feared of my own, the failings of past,
That I might not take that fateful chance.

Climb down from the tower I then did proceed,
To come to a level, to toss you the key,
From a window just above the door I did stand,
And I gazed into your eyes as I let the key fall.

With trepidation you looked into my face,
And hesitantly moved to the fine wooden door,
Inserting the key smoothly it turned with a clack,
My heart jumped at the thought,
There is no turning back.

For once in so long I cannot recall,
The door glided open with no squeak at all.

And with magic that was lost to the elves when they left,
A fire sparked to life in the place by the hall,
It's warmth soon filled the castle walls.

As you moved through the chambers and rooms with ease,
The castle welcomed you with gifts to please.

No longer I feel the need for the armor,
The key you hold close to your heart everyday,
A friendship I found to right the way,
To bring new meaning to the old words of past,
Love have I for you, and for you it shall long last.

Asa Jay

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