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The Shadow of Romance

So past, it has come thus far...

The love, the laughter, the longing
Try as one might, but cannot be found
Passion and scents, their time forgotten
Desires are fresh, but obsessions unsatisfied.

New times are dawning, the modern day has come
Omitting the pleasures, of time and patience
Gone by the way of the whispering wind...

Harken their call, can anyone hear
The sound of courting, and religious fear?

Our senses have numbed and calloused with growth
The way of our ancestors, we fail to respect
So past it has come, to all good souls
To love now is lust, no longer a bond...

No longer a way, to win a heart
A cold, foreboding, unsure course...

For as time shifts forward, much more will pass
The word, grows hollow, with meaning no more
Excitement and wonders shall pass but once
And Romance itself, will turn to dust

Asa Jay

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