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Cubed Confusion

A color here, a color there
Two is company, three is a crowd
But six together mounts color chaos.

This should be there
And that back here
Move once, move twice, three and four
Now that, under here
And this here, to there
Now that is goofed up
And what happened here.

A turn, a twist
Move, and move back
The places are right
The colors are wrong
Like a die that can be moved
Each turn and twist is something new
The colors change, switch and move.

One face done, all colors the same
Red behind and blue to go
One by one, one level done
The middle layer
Yellow, white, green and orange
Almost over, blue yet to go.

A quarter twist here, a half turn there
Final colors still displaced
To restore it to original shape.

OH NO, goofed again, begin again
Another turn, another twist
Hey, it's done
Six colors solid, six faces straight
The cube is back to original shape.

Asa Jay

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