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No Flowers

I had wished to send you flowers,
but instead must guide you a poem.

Last night I worked and watched the hours,
Pass away without you here at my home.

The time slipped quickly into the night,
With typing and creation for the newsletter I strived,
But always watching the time form my chair,
Waiting and wondering why you were not there.

I know it is my failing to not be creative at all times,
But the warmth in my heart steadily burns all day through.
There are not many moments when I am not thinking of you.

My vault stands barren except for a few coins,
And to this my postion is owed a depression,
But for your love and understanding,
I surely would slip and trust failure to bring.

So please be patient through my troubled times,
I wish to bring you some happiness,
To share with you some ryhme.

Some times the dragons can be very strong,
But with compassion we can conquer,
The time will not be too long.

Asa Jay

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