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Tender Attention

She has the way of a woman of great heart,
Her care and devotion go unmatched.
Patience she tenders to the young,
And returned it is to her with speed.

The attention she gives is a marvel,
To watch her with the future in hand.
A spectacle unfolding before my eyes,
I wish to survive the oncoming years.

There may be so many things that one can see,
But for our children, those of others,
She has such a loving care, we all pray,
God keep her close to our hearts.

For because her heart is pure and full of hope,
There is yet hope for a future bright.
An outlook for all things great and small,
For us, for them, For you and I.

And shall I understand this mystery that has eluded me,
For so many years have I avoided it?
Miracles of life are precious to be found,
And Beverly's care is best of all.

Words are hard to find to describe the sights I have seen,
Of her flowing grace with the heirs to the future.
I cannot help myself but to gaze in awe,
At the tender gentle feelings that she flows to them.

She sways with them in her arms singing sweetly,
Humming softly to cradle their fears and sweep them away.
Is it an empathy that sparks the magic between them,
Or is it a more powerful force that draws her forward.

I may never know, but certainly will admire forever,
The ways of her affectionate touching of the children.
But I pray the mystery not to fade,
If discover I do, the secret of time.

Asa Jay

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