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Wine for Two


The lover I seek is different, you see
One for whom wine and cheese is a delicacy
The timeless taste of wine
The texture of fine cheese

To feel the sensations; the stimulation begin
A slender cool glass; wine on my lips
Warmth of tenderness; a delicate kiss

The firmness of cheese against my teeth
A texture of flesh to raise the heat

Arousing scents to stir the mind
Aroma of cheese; Bouquet of wine
Perfume, a fragrance
My lover and I

Sights to take in, and please the eyes
The sparkle of glass with wine held inside
As cheese glows softly by candlelight
Her figure comes closer to mine at night

We partake of the feelings
Both she and I
And the desires heighten
With the wine inside
The hunger passes as we enjoy each other
And the night becomes long, with passionate thunder

Emotions arise and satisfy thirst
The encounter awakens; ready to burst
My love is in wine, my love is in you
Your love is for cheese, and all that is new

Asa Jay

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