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Night Mare by Midnight

When Night-time draws its curtain by hand,
she waits for the darkness to cover the land.
As the moon begins to light the way,
her skin lights up beginning her day.

She stays the day in silent obedience,
her patience knows the night-time is hers.
Now is the moment she comes to life,
a midnight ride under her masters hand.

A roar is heard to split the night air,
she trembles and shakes from his first touch.
The atmosphere grows silent again once more,
her masters hand has soothed her to purr.

Away, away, she wants to go,
to fly so fast and very low.
But patience she knows her master will say,
they first must unite themselves in foreplay.

Upon the fine steed he gathers his attention,
to help her unwind and release her tension.
He caresses her nape and coaxes her on,
unbinding her fears, chasing the dawn.

The two of them move together as one,
a body a soul, never undone.
With gentle persuasion he can make her scream,
a pleasant response, more than a dream.

And under the moon they make their way,
never to stop, never to nay.
Silence between them is not a mistrust,
rather a symbol of mutual lust.

Moonlight cascades between them and the earth,
showing the way they never will part.
Their time together has a great worth,
for peace of soul, cleansing of heart.

Asa Jay

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