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As you lay sleeping,
what plans did you dream.

I pondered and thought
of ways to please,
A night of delight
to win your heart.

We'll travel the world
both you and I.
A dinner in warmth,
and candle-light.

From there we shall go
to a winter year round.
Where beauty itself,
and life abounds.

To finish our journey
I shall take you far.
Where the crescent
of our moon,
looks down upon Earth.
Both you and I
will gaze in delight.

Prepare yourself early,
This Saturday night.
If the tower strikes six,
we shall be late.
One hour earlier
we should not wait.

Away we will fly
from your castle.

If this be a dream
you wish to re-live,
R.S.V.P. directions to me.
If Saturday is poor
for your time-table,
One night earlier,
I may leave my stable.

Make hast to me
your waking dreams.
Your messenger send you
with all due speed.

His humble conscious
Your attendant of admiration.

Asa Jay

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