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Sleep Well Sweet Heart

You lay there curled, in your comfortable world,
Enjoying the sounds that mesmerize you mind.
With cozy warm blankets, fresh scented sheets,
And pillows that cradle your weary head from harm.

Your hair flows softly to caress the pillows,
With delicacy to frame a faraway face.

What dreams you must dream, visions so far from here,
As you stir, they come creeping, to enter your rest.
Are the dragons there? Perhaps the trolls?
Wonder can I do and that is all.

Your face remains calm, lovely to watch,
But secrets they hide within your sleep.
Come to me my dear, in your dreams,
Where both you and I can fight together.

Joined we may struggle against the odds,
To find a destiny made for each other.
Between us both shall there never be,
Demons of old and fiends from the future.

Our past is what has been and it should not care,
Where we are now and are yet to go.
Sleep well as you rest, through the times I am here,
As I watch your slumber and pray for your care.

Asa Jay

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