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Heart And Soul, To Thee I Bring

Oh Beverly, how you have caused my mind to wander.
With thoughts pure as snow and valor of old.
You, a woman of such grace, has touched my soul.

I hear the call of the sirens song.
Your beauty rich like mists of the sea,
Thrown skyward by cliffs with Rainbows that beam.

A venus on Earth to behold so much,
Hesitant am I, unsure to touch.
To disturb a vision as grand as thou art,
I fear the loss, that would break my heart.

My fervent soul is young, you may see,
Perhaps unbridled, perhaps naive.
But the romance I have and feel for you,
Comes from the ages and wisdom of old.

Ancient wizards and witches they spite,
Have not the power to part you from sight.
Their magic is strong, but ours is much wiser.

The spark, the fire, the electricity around,
Our Force flows from God,
Together we have found.

Your spells hold me tight and labor my breath,
With trembling hands, I begin to sweat.
Hold me close, let me feel your desire,
Whisper your words of passionate fire.

Today and tonight, I am now forever yours,
Lost am I, in a love with no equal.

Young lust of the past has been swept away,
In its place I find a warm fire.
With comfortable couch, I sit and enjoy,
The company of fairest, and love intertwined.

Long have I waited for affection such as this,
Now my sincerity shall not be lost,
Upon those in my past whose hearts were cold.

It is a warm place that I have found,
And glad it is, that I am there,
I pray to my savior as time goes on,
For much more of you to come around.

Asa Jay

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